Smart Automation Energy is an energy efficiency partner providing turnkey solutions for facilities


Smart Automation Energy (Smart AE) is an energy efficiency partner providing turnkey solutions for facilities. Our network-based system intelligently integrates with existing building automation systems and offers a holistic approach to significantly reducing OpEx.

Enabling total control and visibility for building managers, our system also provides intuitive dashboards, with simple, real-time data to illustrate energy performance and savings. Our partnership approach ensures that our solutions evolve with your facility and needs, providing a truly sustainable answer to clients’ energy optimisation needs – now and in the future.

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Our Mission

Deliver adaptable, future-ready solutions that enable smarter environmental control through intelligent integration with Building Automation Systems – optimising energy consumption and comfort.

Partner facility owners, managers and occupants in realising their goals in lifecycle costs, energy management, indoor environmental quality and property marketability.

Be a brand which stands for high social, environmental and economic values.

Our Vision



To be the GCC’s renowned pioneer in intelligent efficiency solutions.

Our Values



We promise sustainable solutions & measurable savings, evidenced by performance-based contracts.



We use smart, network-based technology & analytics to enable holistic energy optimization across our clients’ facilities.



We make complex functionality manage and understand



We combine world-class products & services in innovative ways, delivering sustainable solutions that are customized our clients’ facilities & needs.

Our Team

  • Issa Azar
    Issa Azar Chief Executive Officer
  • Firas Obeido
    Firas Obeido Chief Technology Officer
  • Abdallah Mahmoud
    Abdallah Mahmoud Commercial Director
  • Zeid Harb
    Zeid Harb Head of Solar PV
  • Muhammad Arif Sattar
    Muhammad Arif Sattar Tender Estimation Manager
  • Ramakrishna Sreenivas
    Ramakrishna Sreenivas Finance Manager
  • Fidaa Darwish
    Fidaa Darwish Projects Manager
  • Arayil Dinesh
    Arayil Dinesh Energy Efficiency Manager